General Infos:

Age: 20
Height: 163
Weight: 58
Bust Size: 4

Nationality: American
1 hour, AUD: 300
2 hours, AUD: 550
All Night, AUD:
Outcall escort: Yes

Escort Preferences

Vaginal sex
Oral sex
Oral without condom
Role playing


Are you available

Seriously I’ve been waiting last night so I could grab a couple hours of your time like you to call me back soon as possible because I really would like to catch up with you I’ve got a few fantasies that I’ve been thinking about since last night so I really would like you to be in front of me call me back let me know what’s going on I’ve got a few little quirky things I’d like you like you to agree to 1st Other than that get back to me because I’m die in a fucking stick my cock in your mouth 0438 532 561 hopefully you agree to me taking some of your time I saw your list pretty much want to do all of that and something about your arse I’m gonna I’m gonna actually gonna stretch it open so when I ask you to spread your arse cheeks I am gonna fuck your arsehole there’s one more thing I’ve been waiting a year and a half and still hasn’t happened so I’m putting in a challenge to you I want you to blow me until my balls are empty I want you to swallow my load want you to blow me from start to finish I want you to do whatever you want I want you to listen to me because I like blowjobs no hands all mouth and if you’re getting tired I will fucking grab you by the ears and I will fuck your mouth and you better stretch that mouth fucking open so No means no I’m not raffle violent just know that when I’m in grab I’m not gonna grab grab and yeah I’m looking forward to us please don’t say no because I really want to fuck you

I’m looking to catch up with you few hours tonight if possible get back to me either way I’m in town for two days if tonight to no good 0458 532 561

I’m interested in meeting you tonight for a couple of hours if that’s possible get back to me on 0458 532 561

I’m interested in a few hours tonight if that’s possible please contact me on 0458 532 561 thanks