General Infos:

Age: 29
Height: 167
Weight: 56
Bust Size: 2

Nationality: American
1 hour, AUD: 200
2 hours, AUD: 600
All Night, AUD:
Outcall escort: Yes

Escort Preferences

Vaginal sex
Oral sex
For family couples


Hello Lela, are you available tonight, I am staying on Nth Tce and would like to discuss an hour.

Could you contact me if your still available,for an hour,your a hard lady to catch, assuming that is you,you are absolutely ????

Could you contact me when you are available for An hour ,trying to get in touch ,your a hard lady to get hold of , assuming that is your real picture, your ????

Hey you available now OHalloran hill ?

Are you available

Are you available now

Are you available now

Hey bill Mawson lakes are you busy for couple hours

Out call tonight??

I’m keen to catch up if you are free tomorrow before lunch

Hi just wondering if you’re free I’d like to book a few hours my place or yours earlier the better can you call me back or message me on 0458 532 561

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$35 + good vibes for 1hr?


Hey are you available tonight for an outcall in Pasadena

Hey are u available for a out call tonight ?

What suburb are you in baby

Hi are you available now?

Are you available tonight

1 hours Are you available now?

Hi how do I meet you? Send your availability?


Hi I was wondering about poss booking a time for tomorrow for an HR now I seen in ur list of services You will do a couples app so is that an HR for 200 and to add the wife what would that be? If you could pls get back to me as were def wanting a time we can come to you or we have a room in CBD motel Thanks Russ and kel

Are U free on the second I can host

Hi gorgeous can I see you today after 5.00pm Call me on 0412713178

Hi whats up

Hey? You available?

Hello gorgeous, how are you call me on0434231386

Hey, are you available?

Hi r u in Adelaide

Are you available? Would love to eat ur pussy for an hour if ur up

Natural oral


Fake as fuck. Photos are of instagram model angie varona

You available for outcall service now

Are you still available next week,and is that your real picture?

Do you do deals for regulars?

Do you do deals for regulars?

Do you do deals for regulars?

Do you do deals for regulars?

Do you do deals for regulars?

Do you do regular customers.?

Do you do regular customers

Do you have an accent?

Hi, darlin. Wondering if you do anal?

How much for outcall 1 hr

Hey how much for outcall 1 hr

Hi 1 hr

Hey how much is your outcall per hour

You available?

You available?

Can I get out call for two hours asap

Hey are you available?

Hi, Are you available for outcall in adelaide city today evening? Text me at 0435064535

Hey are you available tonight?

Can i have two lots of 1 hr = 400

Are available right now

Hey are u available tonight

Hey are u available

I’m in Salisbury North can u do out call now babe

Hey Lela, are you available tonight?

Hey are u available tonight

Hi may have your address?

Hey hun how much is outcall for an hour?

Hey just really wanted to a massage


Can I get out call for two hours asap

Hi can you please visit me at Oaklands Park for 1 hour tonight ?

Hey are u available

Hi how are you ? Just seeing if you are a available for a call out to Lightsview today ? Thanks

Hi how are you are working today



Hi, Are you available to come around Campbelltown?

Are available tonight. Out all Modbury area?

Are you available to come to Burton

Are you available for outcall to Seaton

Lela you available for hour today if possible outcall 8B Dilton street Elizabeth north